The Resurgence: 

2019 North American Forest and Climate Movement Convergence


(subject to change)

Touch of Nature Environmental Center, Carbondale, IL

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3pm-7pm Check Ins & Orientation

5:30pm Dinner, Freeburg Hall

7:00-8:00pm, Welcome, Tent

Evening activity: Welcomes, Logistics and Keynote 7:00-8:00pm in Tent

  • Welcome from Barney Bush, Chair of the Shawnee Vinyard Settlement’s Board of Directors and he is a descendant of Chief Sedowii’s Illinois’ Band of Shawnee.

  • Welcome from Tabitha representing the Shawnee Region

  • Welcome from Ruddy representing the convergence

  • Orientation & Logistics briefing

8-9pm, Keynotes, Tent

Keynote #1 Cherri and Jayden Foytlin

Campfires and social time. Indigenous Caucus Campfire (Invitation Only)


6:30am Amphitheater

Sunrise Prayers, Sunrise is at 7:02am (optional)

8-9am Breakfast, Freeburg Hall

9:15-9:30am, Welcomes, Tent

  • Tabitha and John: Orienting us to the location we are in, history of the Shawnee National Forest and current local struggles

  • Welcome from Ruddy representing the Convergence

9:30 to 11am, Opening Panel, Tent

(Panelists and topics TBD)

11:30-1:00am Group Meetings begin

Break into Strategic Action Sessions 11:30-1:00 

Orientation of how the SAS’s will be organized

Introductions (15-30 min - depending on # of participants)

  • Inform (overview of relevant issues by participants self selected) 30 minutes

  • Analyze

    • Getting the group organized for strategic thinking and planning 15 minutes

    • Starting strategy conversation 30 minutes

  • Challenge

  • Build

  • Next Steps

1:00-2:30pm, Lunch & break Freeburg Hall

2:30-5:30pm Group Meetings continue

Conversations about strategies within each SAS continued (15 minute break at 4pm)

6:00-7:30pm, Dinner, Freeburg Hall

Short presentation from Confluence Organizer Sarah Lewison about climate change and our dinner during the dinner time 7:00-7:30* will be amplified

8pm Keynote and Music, Tent

Keynote Speaker, Winnie Overbeek speaking on the global threat of “Business for Nature” false solutions to deforestation and climate change and the struggles of local forest dependent communities around the world to defend their land from false solutions

Music in the Tent by David Rovics


6:30am Amphitheater

Sunrise Prayers, Sunrise is at 7:03am

Breakfast 8am-9am, Freeburg Hall

9:00-9:30am Revisit process and Day 2 Agenda

Continue Strategy planning and preparing for afternoon agenda

  • Groups-Concrete planning for next steps 10am-1pm (15 minute break at 11:30) 

11am, There will be water and snacks available in Freeburg hall

1:00-2:30pm, Lunch & break, Freeburg Hall

2:30-5:00pm Group meetings

Groups- Concrete planning for next steps, preparing for report back to large group


Report back from groups #1-3

6:00pm Dinner, Freeburg Hall

7:30-8:30pm Continue Report back from groups #4-7

9pm Story-telling and music


Indigenous Peoples Day

6:30am Amphitheater

Sunrise Prayers, Sunrise is at 7:04am

8am Breakfast, Freeburg Hall

9-9:30am Discuss plan for final ½ day 9-9:30

10am-1pm Groups convene together (break at 11:30)

  • Network, discuss next steps and collaboration moving forward 

  • Exchange Next Step Info

Vacate cabins and rooms before 1pm

1pm-2pm, Lunch Freeburg Hall

2:30-4:00pm, Final Circle