Please complete as soon as possible Ground Transportation Form. Thanks! 

Shuttle Coordinator contact number is (510) 306-1610

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Travel Details

The Convergence begins at 3pm on Friday, October 11 and runs until noon on Monday, October 14. We hope you will arrive early to get the most out of our time together. We support travel that has minimal climate impact, and while we know not everyone has the time, we do highly encourage ground transportation and ride sharing.  If you need assistance with travel stipends please contact us at forestsclimate2019@gmail.com or fill out this FORM - we will do our best to assist. 

Please remember to fill out the Ground Transportation Form when you know your travel details. This will ensure we have room on the next shuttle bus for you. Thanks! 

Shuttle Coordinator contact number is (510) 306-1610 or travellogistics1019@gmail.com

Travelling by Car: 

The Convergence is located at:

Touch of Nature (ToN)

1206 Touch of Nature Rd

Makanda, IL 62958

Google Map link here: https://goo.gl/maps/gpofrFKEAoAjtVLo8

  • Parking- there is plenty of parking available at ToN for folks that are driving to camp.


Please sign up for this carpooling platform if you would like some company along your route. 

  • http://www.rickyrides.com/nafcmc-forest-convergence

Travelling by Train:

Travelling by Bus:

GREYHOUND Stations: The convergence will provide a shuttle to Touch of Nature from the following  Bus stations: 

Traveling By Plane:

Southern IL does not have quick and easy access to any major international airport. St Louis Lambert Airport is about 3 hours away. Many folks might opt for a direct flight into our county airport using a small “puddle jumper” via Cape Air or folks can disembark from Lambert, hop on a metro-train and wait for a shuttle from the Convergence to take you to camp. Here is what you need to know if you are flying:

fly into St. Louis International Airport-

The international airport is 125 miles or 2.5hours to the Convergence: 

  • There will be a shuttle service provided by the Convergence from the College Station stop on the Metro Link Rail.  Metro Link ticket cost is $2.50, Travel time is 30-74 min. From the Airport train station take the Red Line train toward Shiloh and get off the train at College station.  

    • The Shuttle will pick up participants here. You might have to wait for a bit. 

    •  When you arrive text your name to: shuttle coordinator (510) 306-1610 ‬ to find out when the next shuttle will arrive at College Station.  If your travel plans get delayed or you need to update us about your arrival.

    • Important Note: The time of day changes the travel time to College Station/Shiloh. Go to the Metro Link Rail website and use the trip planner to find arrival times at College Station/Shiloh.

  • Flights start at $287- book early for best rate.

  • Rental cars are available at the STL Airport.  It is a 2.5 hr drive to ToN.

  • BART Shuttle service, $70 one way to Carbondale, must book in advance. 

fly into Marion Veterans Airport of Southern IL, Marion, IL 

  • Cape Air is the only airline that services Marion Veterans Airport. If you are booking a flight to Marion thru Cape Air, it is best to book through Expedia.com, united.com or americaairlines.com if you are checking luggage.

  • Only 54 seats per day (or 6 flights) available to get there. Weekends may have fewer flights.

  • Cape Air https://www.capeair.com/#/availability St. Louis to Marion, IL 

  • There will be a shuttle service to the camp provided by the Convergence from Marion Airport to Touch of Nature. When you arrive text your name to: (510) 306-1610‬ to find out when the next shuttle will arrive.   

  • Marion Veterans Airport 618-997-2266 https://www.veteransairport.com/

  • Cape Air at the St Louis Lambert Airport- 314-428-8817 or information (314) 890-1333

  • If you fly in to St Louis on either Delta or United, please go to the House phone at Gate A17 and ask Cape Air to pick you up. They will send a shuttle to bring you to the Cape Air Gate C5, C7

  • If you fly in to St Louis with Southwest, please use the house phone at Gate E29. They will send a shuttle to bring you to the Cape Air Gate C5, C7

Personal observations- Things you should know about flying a puddle jumper from StL to Marion:

1) It is an 8 seater plane. Not only is it limited in seats, there are only a couple flights per day, and there is a total weight limit. Someone on the flight earlier than mine was booted off because the total weight limit was too high, so as a result, sometimes it is a 7 seater. They will weigh not just your luggage but ask your weight as well.

2) You must go to your gate to get your ticket. Although you can purchase your tickets in advance, you also need to get your physical tickets from the gate the plane is flying from. Priority of seats (if someone gets kicked off) is given to those who get their tickets first. They do cover the persyn's next flight if they do get bumped, but that might be the next day, and I do not know if they offer accommodation as well.

3) There are no bathrooms on the flight. It is about a 45 minute flight from take-off to landing. They DO NOT inform you of that before having people board, so please keep that in mind before boarding. 

4) BAGGAGE: You can not bring your personal item carry on with you. There is no room inside the aircraft for your things and they will not fit underneath the seat in front of you. It will be put on the somewhere else on the plane. It contained my laptop and my bag did get a little wet: Beware of this. Baggage allowance is 2 checked bags.

5) Boarding is incredibly subtle! Be there at the scheduled boarding time. If you can, be there 30 minutes early. We boarded 30 minutes later than boarding time and it took less than 5 minutes to board everyone and there were little to no announcements or updates. Just be at the gate and wait. If you walk away for a second you could literally miss the boarding. 

6)Transfers-- If you are transferring from/to another flight at the St Louis Airport, and your gate is in another terminal, request assistance from the Cape Air attendant walking you to the gate. They will direct you to a shuttle if it is in another terminal. This will save you a very long walk between terminals. Please contact the Cape Air StL help desk for assistance.  There is a house phone House phone at Gate A17, or if you fly Southwest, Gate E29. A shuttle will be sent to bring you to the Cape Air Gate C5, C7. Allow for at least one hour between flights. 

7) Pack light- if you travel with more than one bag, and the aircraft has met its weight restrictions, your bag may get bumped to another flight and arrive later than you. 

8) Not that important, but it being a short flight and so small, there is no in air beverages or snacks or ability to purchase. 

9) Once you arrive in Marion, there will be a shuttle bus to pick you up. Shuttle Coordinator contact number is (510) 306-1610

10) Please fill out the ground travel form https://forms.gle/cMNe9C5H1TJv8SdM9