We are not going to share information and go home. We are facing deep planetary crises that threaten millions of species and even the future of the human race. So we are doing something different. This event was organized into Strategic Action Sessions under seven broad themes addressing the intersections of forests and climate.* These sessions are designed to facilitate development of new “outside the box” ideas, strategies, and action plans with concrete outcomes for next steps that can begin to address the root causes of these deep crises.

The seven Strategic Action Sessions are:

  • Industrial Infrastructure & Development that impact forests

  • False “renewable energy” solutions that impact forests

  • Greenwash Capitalism schemes threatening forests and climate adaptation

  • Extreme Technologies for Climate Change

  • “Forest health” schemes threatening forests

  • Real community based solutions

  • Building and supporting Youth Movements

These Strategic Action Sessions will bring together diverse groups including activists, organizers, grassroots community leaders, indigenous community organization leaders, scientists, experts and indigenous and non-indigenous youth under the broad themes listed in the Call to Participate in order create collaborative efforts to achieve the fundamental systemic transformation required to tackle these crises.

Through your responses to this invitation, the Convergence Committee will help link you and/or your group together with others who are interested in the same theme. As with forest ecosystems, the more diverse and interconnected our movements are, the more focused on the roots, the stronger and more resilient we will be.

Diversifying and strengthening our efforts means bringing together people and groups who may not already be connected. To enable folks to work together more effectively, we will facilitate conversations in advance of the actual event in order to begin the process of organizing the Strategic Action Sessions before we gather which will ensure The Convergence goals are met.

* We created the concept for The Convergence and the list of themes for these Strategic Action Sessions after 2 years of meetings, and lengthy conversations with many people in various movements. If you feel there is a theme vital to forest and climate work that is missing, please let us know.

The deadline for submission is Oct 4, 2019.

Hidden Cove Waterfall, near Ava, IL

Hidden Cove Waterfall, near Ava, IL


Volunteers will help us keep the cost of the Convergence to a minimum and is a great way to create a strong unified community. Please consider registering for at least one volunteer shift during the event. One of our team leaders will reach out to you to determine what day and time will work best for you after we have received your completed form.

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We are requesting a non refundable registration fee of $60 per person to cover facilities and program costs, basic lodging or camping, and food for the weekend. We have determined the estimate value of the weekend to be $400 per individual to cover cost of travel, local organic foods and a team of cooks, ground transportation and the program.

Co-Sponsorship Support

We are accepting organizational co-sponsorship. Follow this link HERE for a printable document with instructions on how to become a sponsor or click the box below for a direct link to the donation site.

If you will be traveling by air, train or bus and require a shuttle to the Convergence, please fill out this form no later than Oct 1 so that we have time to set up the pick up schedules and confirm your travel arrival and departure.