What to bring with you

Printable pdf here

  1. Make sure you have completed the Ground Transportation Form 

  2. Travel logistics document is HERE 

  3. Travel Reimbursements form is HERE

  4. We will provide these maps at Check-In with your welcome packet

  5. Volunteer sign up is HERE

  6. For those camping, please check the weather forecast

Touch of Nature Environmental Center Policies 

SIUC is a smoke-free campus. We will have designated smoking areas. 

Please no illicit drugs, alcohol, animals or fire-arms campus property. 

What to bring with you to the Convergence

  • Poster art from your organization or campaign

  • Contact information or business cards

  • If you are camping

    • Tarp

    • Tent

    • Pad

    • Sleeping bag

    • Headlamp or flashlight

      • Extra batteries

    • Toiletries

    • Towel

    • Bug spray and sunscreen

  • If you are staying in a cabin

    • Sleeping bag or Linens if you didn’t ask for any

    • Earplugs

    • Sleeping eye mask

    • Headlamp or flashlight

    • Toiletries

    • Towel

    • Bug spray and sunscreen

  • If you offered to be a notetaker

    • Laptop

    • Projector and media cords

  • Everyone bring 

    • Refillable water bottle

    • Coffee mug

    • Plates and utensils will be provided by the camp- no need to bring any


  • A warm sleeping bag/blanket.  In addition, consider bringing a twin sheet and pillow.  If you are camping, bring all of your own camping gear. Temperatures will potentially be in the 40s at night, while daytime temperatures may be in the 80s (Fahrenheit).  

  • Flashlight/headlamp with good batteries.  

  • Water bottle/canteen and a travel mug, if you’d like to take tea/coffee to sessions.

  • Layered clothes and a jacket.  It will potentially be quite warm during the day and chilly at night (highs in the mid 70’s/lows in the 50s Fahrenheit).  Consider any inclement weather gear you might want to have along.

  • Rain gear and sun gear (including sunscreen).

  • Toiletries (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.).

  • Towel and washcloth.  There is running water at camp, which includes stall showers and flushing toilets.

  • Chocolate, candy, jerky, and/or any other personal consumption items.  (Please, bring no illegal drugs of any kind. There will be a designated smoking area.)

  • Personal medications you may need.  We will have some over-the-counter medicines available, and a wellness/medic center but it is always best to bring what you may need.

  • DO NOT bring valuables/electronic items unless absolutely necessary.  There will be only limited internet access at camp. We cannot be responsible for items that come up lost or (gasp!) stolen.  

WHAT TO EXPECT AT the Convergence:

  • There are shower houses (with individual stalls) with hot water.  There are bathrooms with sinks located in different areas on the site. 

  • We've brought a stellar kitchen crew to camp to prepare your meals. You do not need to bring any eating utensils or cookware with you (aside from your water bottle and travel mug).

  • We have a volunteer medic team who are putting together the medic and wellness space and are working together with the kitchen to provide the best care while at the Convergence.

  • The schedule will vary slightly each day.  Yes, we will be working long, hard days. Take care of yourselves, hydrate, wash your hands, and stay healthy.   

  • There is limited internet and cell service at the Center.  Verizon and AT&T work ok. Other providers may not get service. 

  • There are no dogs or other pets allowed on campus property.  

  • During the Convergence, we will encourage an atmosphere that is conducive to hard work and strategic planning.  Following each day of intense strategy sessions, there will be music Saturday night and open mic on Sunday. There will be alcoholic beverages available for purchase in a separate space near the tent.  The rest of the camp will be an alcohol-free space.

  • The Environmental Center is ADA accessible for all. If you need assistance getting from cabin to breakout session, we will have golf carts to assist with those who need a lift. 

  • Paths will be lit with oil lamp tiki torches, but a flashlight or headlamp will also help you find your way back to your cabin or tent.

Any questions, please contact the Logistics Team, Tabitha @ (314) 301-9770‬ forestsclimate2019@gmail.com